Glaspwll is a wonderful location for walks, notably hosting Owain Glyndwr's way, a section of the Wales Coastal Path, and a walk to the Cwmyrhaiadr waterfall. These, and numerous other walks in the valley, can be tackled just by walking out of the door of the cottage, whether you are after a gentle ramble or an energetic hike. 


Bwlch y Groes Faen can also be used as a launch pad for the more adventurous walker, and is a great base to explore Southern Snowdonia. Cadar Idris is a particular favourite of ours, and is easily accesible by car (it is 25 minutes to the Minfford Car Park, which is where we tend to climb  Cadar from.)


Some useful links for local walks are as follows:


The Wales Coastal Path: www.walescoastpath.gov.uk


Glyndwr's Way: www.nationaltrail.co.uk/glyndwrs-way